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Make Jewelry...

We'll show you how!

10 week silversmithing class - Learn fabrication and casting (sign up through PCC Community Ed. $125/ materials + tuition)
    -Lost wax casting is an indirect method of metal working. You will carve an object out of wax, make a mold of it, and then cast it in sterling silver or bronze. Options include a small sculpture, a ring or a pendant.
    -Fabrication is the cold working of metal, and you can create rings, chains and pendants from hand fabricated sterling silver stock. Learn how to do silver soldering, pierce work, forming, basic stone setting and polishing.

5 week silversmithing class $150 (materials included)
     -choose 1: fabricated chain, pendant or ring or learn to cast 
2 & 3hr workshops (2 hr- $85 3hr- $100. Up to two people $15/ each additional person. Silver up to 15gm included. By appointment only)
     -see below for current offerings. Check back to see what's new!
Upcoming classes:
PCC Summer Session Fabrication and Casting Class TBA
PCC Lost Wax Casting- 6 weeks, begins Monday, June 30th 6:30-8:30
PCC Jewelry Fabrication- 6 weeks, begins Wednesday, July 2nd 6:30-8:30 
see links for sign up 

Here is a link to the PCC Casting class

Here is a link to the PCC Fabrication class

2000sq ft of space is room for 12 students


wire wrap 2hr workshop

sterling silver chain 3 hr workshop

enamel 3 hour workshop

Copper and brass 2 hour workshop

sterling silver earrings 2 hr workshop

sterling silver earrings 2 hr workshop

silver and copper 2 hour workshop

sterling silver ring 2 hr workshop

simple bezel setting 3 hour workshop



Here ia a link to the PCC class

Casting and Fabrication class