Ring of the Week! Hand fabricated sterling silver, dinosaur bone

This could be yours! $200

Repair - The 18k gold in this ring was melted down and prefabricated into a new shank and the original rubies and diamonds were reset.

Newberg Jewelry Studio and Supply is a full service jewelry shop and studio where you can:

Bring in your jewelry for expert repair, or redesign it using your metal and stones to create fresh, new pieces with the sentiment of the original!

Take jewelry making workshops, privately or in groups, in fabrication or casting to learn time honored techniques to create your own cherished pieces of jewelry.


Fall Workshop!

Begins September 10th and runs until October 15th. 5:30-8:30.

This class will focus on fabrication techniques, such as milling, piercing, filing, soldering and finishing. If you've taken the class once, you may explore lost wax casting or more advanced fabrication techniques.